Sean Abid

Contributing Member

Sean is married and a father of 3 sons. He holds Bachelors and Masters Degrees. He has been a guidance counselor with CCSD for 21 years.

Sean's high conflict post-divorce child custody struggle began in 2012 when he was served with a motion to change custody. The motion failed, but a long protracted custody battle ensued. Sean was facing an overt campaign by his ex to alienate hi s son from him. Sean is a fierce advocate for others who may be dealing with a pathogenic parent, as he has battled these issues all the way to the Nevada Supreme Court.

Sean was eventually granted primary custody by the district court and the decision was appealed to the Nevada Supreme Court. After oral argument before the entire bench (en banc), the Supreme Court voted to affirm the lower court's award of primary custody to Sean 7-0, and with an authored opinion. 

Sean's career has been devoted to guiding and assisting others and he is passionate about coaching and mentoring others through the emotionally tumultuous waters of family court. He wants to be to others what he needed at that critical time when he entered the family court world.  



10710 W. Tropicana Ave. #156-411 . Las Vegas, NV 89147


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