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Mark DiCiero

Owner and Founder

Mark is a single father of an amazing young lady, named Alexa, who is the heart and soul of his life. Mark has been a litigant in Clark County Family Court fighting for her best interests in high conflict litigation since 2005. He began studying court procedure, researching case law, and writing his own pleadings shortly thereafter.

In February 2021, Mark earned the prestigious Certified Paralegal (CP) accreditation from the National Association of Legal Assistants (NALA). In order to attain the CP credential, applicants must pass the NALA Certified Paralegal Exam, a national examination taken in two separate sittings: (1) NALA's Knowledge Exam (a comprehensive assessment covering civil litigation; contract law; corporate law; criminal law; estate planning; family law; probate; real estate law; torts; and ethics); and (2) NALA's Skills Exam (an essay-based exam evaluated by NALA legal professionals and select attorneys across the country).

In December 2021, Mark earned his Advanced Certified Paralegal (ACP) accreditation from NALA specifically in the areas of Child Custody, Support, and Visitation. Throughout 2022, Mark also plans to obtain his ACP accreditations from NALA in the areas of (1) Property Division and Alimony/Spousal Support; (2) Adoption and Assisted Reproduction; (3) Dissolution Case Management; (4) Discovery; and (5) Trial Practice.

In addition to running Pro Se PROS, Mark works as an Advanced Certified Paralegal for a high-profile law firm located in Las Vegas, Nevada specializing in the areas of high asset divorce cases and complex child custody litigation. Mark meets directly with clients; manages their domestic relations cases; drafts District and Appellate Court Briefs, Motions, Oppositions, Decrees, Marital Settlement Agreements; Prenuptial Agreements; Postnuptial Agreements; and other pleadings on behalf of clients; conducts legal research; and assists the firm in conducting detailed discovery and preparing for contested trials.

Prior to launching Pro Se PROS, Mark was a top-rated Las Vegas morning radio host. He was named "Best Radio Personality" by the Las Vegas Review-Journal (for thirteen consecutive years), Las Vegas Weekly, CityLife, and the Las Vegas Electronic Media Awards. Nationally, Mark was named "Local Air Personality of the Year" by Billboard and Airplay Monitor magazines in 2000. Mark still does local on-air work from time-to-time.

Mark was born and raised in Broomfield, Colorado and attended the University of Colorado at Boulder, earning his Bachelor’s Degree from the College of Business and Administration. Mark relocated to Las Vegas, Nevada in 1997 and currently resides in Summerlin.

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