June 22, 2020

Without question, it is the single-most important document you will ever have in a divorce/child custody action, yet so few people have a GOOD one.  Surprisingly, some people don’t even have one at all. 

Whether incorporated directly into your Decree of Divorce/Cus...

May 18, 2020

“My ex is refusing to exchange our child because of ‘safety concerns’ related to COVID-19, what do I do? Can my ex withhold our child without a Court Order??”

Hands down, this has been the most-asked question I have received from pro se litigants as COVID-19 protocols c...

December 17, 2018


We are often asked what “case coaching” refers to in the Pro Se PROS tagline of “Family Court Document Preparation and Case Coaching.”  The short answer is that we don’t just draft, revise, file, and serve Family Court documents/pleadings for you; we also help y...

June 25, 2018

Children are designed to love both of their parents, and they absolutely hate hearing their parents badmouth each other. Ex-trashing is so frequent in divorce that warnings prohibiting it are written into many standard custody orders. 

Despite knowing they should not de...

May 23, 2018


First off, what is a “high-conflict” opponent? The term isn’t specifically anywhere, but is more a catchall term for a person who attaches their identity to a conflict. It usually, but not always, is associated with divorce and child custody proceedings. B...

May 17, 2018

“I Just Wanted a Decent Night’s Sleep”


This one is a little personal, and is something that I have never talked about publicly, so bear with me.  As I see this exact issue coming up more and more in Family Court litigation, I hope my story can help someone....

May 9, 2018

This one is for the guys.  

It’s short and sweet,  but it needs to be said.

I’m surprised how often problems come up regarding Mother’s Day and Father’ Day in high conflict custody cases (even in this midst of litigation, which is even more surprising), but sometime...

May 7, 2018

People often divorce because they no longer compromise and argue frequently. The initial foray into the family court arena is replete with stress, unfettered emotion, and anger which can lead to perpetual conflict. However, carefully picking your battles and learning t...

April 23, 2018

What Is a High Conflict Child Custody Case?

Virtually all child cVirtually all child custody litigation involves a tremendous amount of conflict which is driven by general animosity and possibly even a visceral hatred depending on how bad the breakup was. Typically, thi...

April 16, 2018


When relationships end, it is normal to feel a myriad of emotions: hurt, anger, sadness, resentment, guilt, etc. We all have a constant flow of feelings percolating within us. Generally, particularly under the extreme stress of family court litigation, we d...

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