We are a new and unique Family Law Document Preparation Service -- licensed and bonded in the state of Nevada -- serving self-represented ("Pro Se") litigants with their cases in Clark County Family Court. 

We prepare your documents, file them with the Court, and serve them to the opposing party for you. We also offer assistance with procedural matters, to get you fully prepared to represent yourself in Court. 

Our professional services are designed to ALLEVIATE STRESS -- in what can be an overwhelming and intimidating process -- while saving you valuable TIME and MONEY. Please take a look around our site and learn more!

Disclaimer:  We are NOT attorneys authorized to practice in Nevada and we are prohibited from providing legal advice or representation to any person.

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Affordable . Professional . Doc Prep and Litigation Support

What We Do

Welcome to Pro Se PROS Online!

Currently, more than 60% of litigants in Clark County Family Court represent themselves without an attorney (commonly referred to as “pro se” or "proper person" litigants).  As family court litigants ourselves — in highly contested child custody matters since 2005 — we know first-hand how stressful, overwhelming, and intimidating the court process can be.  That’s why we are here to help.

In 2017 alone, nearly 70,000 pleadings were filed into family/domestic relation cases in Clark County, Nevada.  With a limited number Family Court Judges on the bench, handling as many as 1,000 open cases at a time, your first impression is crucial.  Your papers and pleadings need to be on-point, while conforming to all of the Court’s procedural requirements, and you need to be READY to present yourself — and your case — with confidence.

Pro Se PROS offers professionally prepared legal documents that will get NOTICED and will get RESULTS.

We prepare. You approve.  We then file, serve, and complete the process.


Our Week in "Reviews" 

Thank you to our amazing clients for the nice comments and great feedback this week!

"Mark was amazing at helping me. He was very quick at drafting and responding to any questions or concerns I had. The turn around time from the time I contacted him, received the quote, and the papers were drafted and filed was very quick and efficient. I was very pleased with Pro Se Pros service and would definitely recommend to a friend or family member.

Thank you again for your help!"

A.S. - Las Vegas, NV
Motion to Resolve Parent Child Issues


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Two weeks ago, a client (who had just been served with divorce papers) came to us looking for help...

We drafted his Answer, Counterclaim, Financial Disclosure Form, Notice of Seminar Completion, and Opposition to his wife's Motion for Custody, for less than $800 (including court filing fees).

His first hearing was yesterday.

When the Judge raised the issue of attorneys fees, our client learned that his soon-to-be-ex had already paid her attorney $4,000 to draft her Complaint for Divorce, Financial Disclosure Form, Motion, and Reply to our Opposition.

We have connected him with an attorney that is taking his case over from here, as the parties head to mediation.

Price difference so far:  5 to 1


Nevada Business License: NV20171602696
Secretary of State Registration: NVDP20179181211

Disclaimer: We are not attorneys authorized to practice in Nevada and are prohibited from providing legal advice or legal representation to any person


Our FAQ's


Motions for Contempt

“Hello, I’m looking to hold my ex in contempt for not following certain parts of our Decree and can’t find the right complaint to file. Can you help?” 

By far, this is one of the most common questions we receive.  It is also something that we are very good at assisting people with, as we have done these in our own personal cases.

As litigants ourselves, we know that there is nothing more frustrating than having Court Orders in place that aren’t followed — or blatantly ignored —  by the other side.  Those orders become useless if they aren’t enforced, but there is a very SPECIFIC protocol you need to follow, in order to make that happen.


Pro Se PROS' Blogs

Essentials of a GREAT Parenting Plan - II

by Mark DiCiero

Last time, we talked about the importance of SPECIFICITY in Parenting Plans and the types of LEGAL custodial provisions that every Parenting Plan should include.  This blog will address the specific PHYSICAL custodial provisions that should NOT be left out of your Parenting Plan.

We will then be teed up for the final part of this series which will detail TEN ADDITIONAL “secret sauce” provisions that will make your Parenting Plan a MASTERPIECE of Parenting Plan greatness (yeah, I have a flare for exaggeration and histrionics, but these are pretty damn good).


Essentials of a GREAT Parenting Plan - I

by Mark DiCiero

Without question, it is the most important document you will have in a divorce/ child custody action, yet so few people have a GOOD one. Surprisingly, some people don’t have one at all. I am talking about your PARENTING PLAN.

Whether incorporated directly into your Decree of Divorce/Custody, or filed independently as a Stipulated Parenting Agreement, it is the document that lays out your specific custodial orders and what you can – and should – expect from your co-parent in serving the best interests of your child(ren).


Child Custody Challenges in a COVID-19 Climate

by Mark DiCiero

“My ex is refusing to exchange our child because of ‘safety concerns’ related to COVID-19, what do I do? Can my ex withhold our child without a Court Order??”

Hands down, this has been the most-asked question I have received from pro se litigants as COVID-19 protocols continue to change, sometimes creating more questions than answers.


Getting Ready for Your Family Court Appearance

by Mark DiCiero

Most of our clients have never appeared in Family Court without an attorney (some have never appeared in Family Court at all) and the thought of going at it alone can be daunting and intimidating. We promise, it doesn’t need to be.

We say this all the time; nothing impresses a judge (and frustrates an opposing attorney) more than a well-informed and thoroughly prepared pro se litigant.  Your confidence will get noticed.


The Importance of Dads Doing the Right Thing on Mother's Day (and moms on Father's Day too)

by Mark DiCiero

This one is for the guys.  

It’s short and sweet,  but it needs to be said.

I’m surprised how often problems come up regarding Mother’s Day and Father’ Day in high conflict custody cases (even in this midst of litigation, which is even more surprising), but sometimes common sense has a habit of “vanishing” when we get caught up in the ongoing “battle.”


Choosing Your Battles in Family Court:  When to Fight and When to Compromise

by Sean Abid

People often divorce because they no longer compromise and argue frequently. The initial foray into the family court arena is replete with stress, unfettered emotion, and anger which can lead to perpetual conflict. However, carefully picking your battles and learning to respond diplomatically can save your mental health, your money, and, ultimately, your litigation. Not every hill is a hill to die on. Here are some ideas to assist you so you can decipher when to fight back and when to compromise with your ex-spouse.


Representing Yourself in a High Conflict Child Custody Case


by Alexander Falconi

Virtually all child custody litigation involves a tremendous amount of conflict which is driven by general animosity and possibly even a visceral hatred depending on how bad the breakup was. Typically, this anger and resentment fades over time, and Parties learn how to work together and focus on what’s best for the children. There can still be some conflict in these cases, but it tends to arise out of emotional immaturity and insecurity, which is something that can be communicated through and managed over time.


Navigating Through the Emotional Turmoil of the Family Court Process


by Sean Abid

When relationships end, it is normal to feel a myriad of emotions: hurt, anger, sadness, resentment, guilt, etc. We all have a constant flow of feelings percolating within us. Generally, particularly under the extreme stress of family court litigation, we do not choose how to feel these raw emotions, but we do have a choice in how we respond to them. If we act out of emotion then we will certainly regret it. Each of us has said something we did not mean when we were upset, so we know how emotions can affect our behavior and decision-making.


Which Joint Custodial Schedule is Best for Kids

Schedule 1.JPG

by Mark DiCiero

As we begin to populate our web site and social media platforms with blogs, articles, and other content that we think you may find useful, please understand that we are not lawyers. We don’t pretend to be. Never will.

Our perspectives are simply those of dads that continue to learn, and try to be the best parents we can possibly be. Collectively, we have learned a great deal about the family court process, our kids, and ourselves.


Dealing with Addiction in Family Court Litigation

by Mark DiCiero

This one is a little personal, and is something that I have never talked about publicly, so bear with me.  As I see this exact issue coming up more and more in Family Court litigation, I hope my story can help someone.

I recently celebrated an anniversary that I never thought would appear on my “life” calendar … something I never thought I would need to “celebrate” in the first place:  my two year anniversary of complete sobriety.



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DISCLAIMER:  We are not attorneys authorized to practice in the State of Nevada and are prohibited from providing legal advice or legal representation to any person.



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